Electrical Enclosure 3D CAD Models


We at Allied Moulded Products make it easier than ever to access hundreds of 3D CAD models of our products. Our models can be accessed through our website, or through Trace Parts, and are all able to be downloaded for your convenience. Simply register for an account, and you're in! See our simple instructions below to access all of our available 3D models.


3D Models through Allied Moulded Products

1. Search for your desired part number.

2. Once the specific part number has been found, if a 3D model is available, it will show "3D MODEL" directly underneath of the image.

3. If you have not yet registered for an account, it will prompt you to do so upon clicking on the "3D MODEL" tab. If you would like to register for an account before searching for a part number, please click here.

4. After you register for an account through our website, you will have access to all available 3D models on our products.

5. Download and save all models in multiple file types for your desired work application.

You can also access all 3D models through Trace Parts. You still must register for an account through Trace Parts before viewing or downloading any file types. If you would like to make an account through Trace parts, follow the links below.

Click here to view 3D models Through Trace Parts

Once on the website, you will have access to a variety of 3D models and information regarding Allied Moulded's industrial line of enclosures and accessories.