POLYLINE AMP Series Polycarbonate Enclosures

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The newest addition to the POLYLINE® Series of enclosures offers standard features such as multi-mounting capability with your choice of a mounting flange or adjustable mounting feet. A clear polycarbonate cover option allows viewing of critical electronic instrumentation, while providing protection in harsh environments.


POLYLINE® comes standard with multi-mounting
capability, including an out-of-the-box mounting flange
or adjustable mounting feet which adapt to various mounting
configurations. Featuring metallic or nonmetallic latches and
molded-in latch keepers and mounting bosses, a tongue and
groove seal joint between cover and base, POLYLINE is the
ultimate in polycarbonate enclosures. A clear polycarbonate
cover option is also available for instrumentation applications
where critical electronic equipment must be visible and protected
from the elements.

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AMP Series Features & Benefits

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